Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deluxe Ski Jumping 4 -Full Version Download


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Finn Jussi Koskela continuously for over 10 years for ultimate thrill of ski jumping fans. Scandinavian export commodity called Deluxe Ski Jumping has evolved with each new version until it turned into a best ski brand associated with computer games. Not surprisingly, the fourth part of the beta premiere of the popular series once again sparked huge interest in the network. After all, we can expect from Kosk something more than just a small, unobtrusive amendments.

In just a few megabytes (trial version is enough) upchnięto basic gameplay options and training. You can unlock the following types of professions, but it involves the submission of przedpremierowego orders of 14 euro. However, without additional content you can play all eternity, because the training does not have any time limits.

Aggressive repositioning jumper may unexpectedly reduce the flight.

Koskela concluded in the beta two jumps with similar characteristics - Lahti (size HS130) and Lillehammer (HS138). Gamers can experience the very long flights, especially the latter location allows you to obtain results above 140 meters. Before entering the bar we set some parameters. And here we are waiting innovation - the first time in the series appeared slider associated with the force of wind and its direction. Thus, novice users can check out both the favorable aura, and a typical storm in the back, without having to enter / exit the game. At this stage, you can complain to the transparency of some interface. While speed is determined in a simple manner (from 0.1 to 2 m / s - higher values ​​deleted), it is not necessarily the direction already. Could use some modest graphics with an arrow, because the manipulation angle basically says little. Interestingly, in the beta, you can freely change the time of the year, the level of "zaśnieżenia" slopes (including intermediate states!), Time (evening events are undeniable charm), the intensity of rainfall, and even visibility. In this respect, Deluxe Ski Jumping 4 will be a much more diverse than its predecessors.

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